Okay, now that I have your attention, let me explain. WAIT PUT THE HATCHET DOWN. O_O It's a bit of a story so bear with me.

In 2005 or thereabouts, I was given an offer to publish Steelblood. I decided I wanted to do some significant revamps to the story in addition to writing out the ending, which the publisher wanted to help determine the number of volumes that the story would span. So I made the edits I wanted, taking into account some theological issues presented by several people along the way, and completed the "treatment" (For those who don't know, that's lingo for a rough outline that presents the story concepts and plot) resulting in a vastly different story than the original. Time passed while I waited for feedback...months passed and none came. I started Game Plan to fill time. Due to the poor outcome of the publishing deal, I withdrew SB before production began. More time passed and I felt uncomfortable with SB's story structure. Something was missing.

So Game Plan continued. I tinkered with SB's plot here and there while I was working...something was still off and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. SB was admittedly "wound very tight" and a lot of major changes would cause the proverbial springs to fly out, sending shattered pieces of plot everywhere...so I set it aside, beginning to think that I'd never get back to it.

Then came The Secret Project. Actually, this was also an idea that I'd been playing with for a couple of years. The more I worked with it, the more I began to realize that the SB plot and the Secret Project's plot would integrate with each other. I threw it in for laughs.

It worked.

Shockingly, the plots complimented each other so well, they fixed each other's plot holes. That left me with a dilemma. Did I continue using SB's plot as a fragment of the Secret Project, or did I return to my original plan of putting out SB, with all its flaws? Did I waste time working on a project I now felt to be substandard? Did I honestly have time for that...?

In the end...I decided, no. I did not have the time, or inclination. SB was surviving very well in the rewritten framework of the Secret Project, and Rivey and his friends continued to be present, although not quite to the degree that I hoped. I've managed to retain about 80% of the story as it was written in the treatment, adding and subtracting as I deemed fit, and as a result, the story world is much larger and more interesting than it was before.

So, I apologize to those of you who were looking forward to its return, but it's going to be a bit longer before we see Rivey in all his revamped glory, and perhaps not quite in the format you had hoped. I will have more information soon, when I can, but until I post it, I won't be answering very many, if any, questions about the new project. It's nothing personal but I don't want to tell much about it just yet. :)

This version will remain online for "historical" interest.

Read the old SB here.